Monday, November 06, 2006

Bandhavgarh- Land of the Growling Tigers

A few snaps of Bandhavgarh tiger reserve,home to around 65 tigers. The core, that is open for visitors, house around 25 tigers (in an area of 105 sq kms);significantly less than the Corbetts and the Kanhas of India. In my experience though, this is the best place to spot wild tigers...

Welcome to the Jungle(@Park Entrance)

Step at your own peril(Enter the hallowed hunting ground of the tiger)

Elephant grass(A perfect place to ambush the prey)

The Killing Fields('Chakradhara' marsh,the tiger's hiding delight)

Tiger,Tiger, Burning Bright!!!
(You know what William Blake had in mind when u spot one of the family of four two-year olds that territorize in the cave area)

Standing on the Shoulder of Giants(Will let the image do the talkin here!!!)

I spot(ted) deer(The male of most common of the deer species in the reserve )

Walk on...

Celestial frame of mind(32 feet statue of Vishnu right in the heart of the jungle...reminds me of Crichton's 'Congo' somehow)

Thing of beauty(A joy foroever)

Here comes the heart-stopper(Tiger approaches the carcass of its kill)

Sambar feast(1 day of sambar deer means 2 days of complete rest)

My Immortality

How Green is(was) my valley(Dunno which 'to be' form to use here)

Arachnophobia...egad!(Our very own 'giant wood' Peter Parker)

The Days of Yore(Man made caves dating back to the 9th century)

Sleepy hollow(This one apparently sleeps for 22 hrs;6 more than the African lion!)

Am In Love with the Maharaja's Mercenary(The faithful 'soldier' of the Raja of Rewa;the healthiest Lhasa Apso I have seen)

Seven Years in(of) Tibet('Soldier' has served his master bravely for 7 whole years,now the poor thing suffers from an eye injury :( )

Silsila frame of mind(As you approach the holy city of Amarkantak)

And Quiet flows the Don(Junta posing@Kapildhara, the source of the Narmada)

Drops of Jupiter

Pass me if you can!(It is said that a 'sinner' cannot cross between the legs of this statue by crawling..tried for 2 failed attempts;all I got were blue bruises!!!)

The swan song(I like...I like)


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