Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Kanha-Its all about tigers here!

Kanha national park is all about tigers. You might spot around 200 odd spotted deer at one meadow or the near-to-be-extinct Barasinghas in their full grace,but Kanha is all about tigers and only tigers. Around 125 tigers in the wild (but don't ask the checkpost security though;they will brag of figures nearing 900 of em!).

Its little wonder that given all the hype and hoopla this national park has the most expensive park ride in the country!!!


At 11:11 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

nice blog no extra words and quite original photos keep it up. regards ani

At 11:14 am, Anonymous said...

would u just suggest the appropriate time to visit kanha? were the snaps of the tigers taken in the wild or in an enclosure? would all of us be so lucky?

At 12:35 am, Anonymous Jersey Girl said...

wow be---dazzled!


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