Friday, December 15, 2006

Waterfalls@Bastar(Abode of the Adivasi)

Bastar district in Chattisgarh,(around 300 kms from Raipur)to borrow Mr. Shelley's view is a'thing of beauty,a joy forever'. Its a pity that a week after we visited the place the naxals killed around 50 odd policemen. If not for the Naxal problem, this place is a ready recommendation for all.


Chitrakot falls(Not to be confused with Chitrakut which is in MP.While Chitrakut has reference to Rama and Sita, this one is believed to be the one where Shiva and Parvati rested during the dusk hours of the monsoon season).

Ideal for rock climbing(We can give it a level III rating in terms of the difficulty)


This waterall is peacefully ensconced in Kanger Valley National Park and is the abode of myriad sadhus.At the backdrop is an unventurable gorge;but as it was nearing the twilight zone we decided not to traverse it( Ok...Ok...the truth is we were too chicken hearted to tread in the dark with too many snakes crawling around us!!!)

An adventurous couple climbing up the slippery moss for a Kodak moment(It was damn cute tho, I wish my one does this too :P)

The ravine where the mortals failed to tread(Too many snakes around neways for comfort...sigh...if only I were a pied piper here)

Uneasy lies the head(After a short climb further you reach this ancient temple;btw its a herpetologist' delight as we found four green snakelings being feed with the milk left behind by the devotees)

Ancient devnagari script engravings

The Holy One...


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